EnviroDevelopment Certification

The Edgewater Shores community will offer a premium living environment nestled next to the Diamond Beach and Hallidays Point villages. The development has been orientated to maximise solar access to homes whilst ensuring most of the elevated blocks will have sweeping views over the Pacific Ocean.

Native dune vegetation adjacent to the beach will be restored to its natural form as part of the development. In conjunction with the dune restoration a defined walkway to the beach will be made. The walkway will end at a viewing platform that provides views along Diamond Beach.

The vision for Edgewater Shores is to be a leading sustainable community with EnviroDevelopment certification across several categories including energy, waste, ecology, water and the community. Contemporary design, natural and sustainable colours, along with native landscaping will ensure all homes no matter the size will work together to create a cohesive streetscape.

EnviroDevelopment is an accreditation system designed to guide purchasers in identifying environmentally sustainable developments, homes and lifestyles. Areas of excellence which Edgewater Shores needs to achieve these credentials include:

Ecosystems EnviroDevelopment


Around 10% of site will become a dedicated conservation area. The area to the east of the site adjacent to the foreshore of Diamond Beach will be restored to its native landscape and protected from future degradation. The dune regeneration area will be restored to sustain an aquatic area and over 4000 native plant species to protect the dune and sustain local fauna.

Energy EnviroDevelopment


The Edgewater Shores master plan has been specifically orientated to maximise solar access to Lots allowing owner’s to maximise the efficiency of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production. The northerly orientation also enables residents to maximise passive solar access into their homes. The Edgewater Shore’s Design Guidelines outline strategies for residents to maximise their renewable energy production.

Water EnviroDevelopment


Water management across the site has been carefully designed with the incorporation of retention basins to control runoff. Every home will be required to incorporate a rainwater tank that can be used for grey water applications in the house and for watering private gardens. The Edgewater Shore’s Design Guidelines identify drought resistant plants and grasses to ensure beautiful landscapes whilst minimising water consumption.

Waste EnviroDevelopment


Waste management was integral into the planning of the development. A waste management plan will be prepared by the main contractors working on the site to monitor and reduce the waste generated during construction.

Materials EnviroDevelopment


Through the design process of the development roads and infrastructure materials were specified to ensure materials included local content, environmentally sustainable and recycled materials.

Community EnviroDevelopment


Edgewater Shores aims to deliver a sustainable community nestled within some of nature’s most beautiful natural resources. The focus is on availing the community access to the beach, surrounding fauna and flora whist capturing ocean views wherever possible. The development is interconnected with pedestrian walkways to ensure walking throughout the area is a breeze. It will allow a safe place for school children to play as they make their way to and from Hallidays Point Public School.

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