Stage 4C Seaside - Beach Front Land For Sale

July 26, 2019| Edgewater Shores

Edgewater Shores presents a rare opportunity to buy land adjacent to the beach. Few coastal land subdivisions along the NSW Mid North Coast, or along any part of the NSW coastline, have land for sale with comparable views or proximity to the beach. Not to mention a dedicated beach access walkway.

Stage 1A Has Sold Out

Our first release, Stage 1A “Ocean View” presents elevated lots looking across Diamond Beach and beyond to the Pacific Ocean. Ocean View sold out prior to title registrations which were recently issued from the NSW Land Registry Service. We are currently selling Stage 1B “Sunrise”, however with only 2 lots left for sale with ocean views, Sunrise will soon be sold out. Stage 2A “The Sands” which include elevated lots with ocean views is now available and will soon be formally released.

For lots still available within Sunrise and The Sands visit here


Beach Front Land for Sale

Throughout the process of engaging with the market we have been receiving clear signals from purchasers about the opportunity to buy land close to the beach. Lots near the beach matter to some buyers more than elevated views. Why wouldn’t they? Edgewater Shores offers the opportunity to stroll along a purpose-built beach access walkway and viewing platform directly onto Diamond Beach.


Stage 4C “Seaside”

Our land release closest to beach is Stage 4C “Seaside”. In response to strong interest in “Seaside” we tentatively opened a wait list in late in 2018. With a strong initial response, we held the wait list on the back-burner whilst we focused on registering the land titles for Stage 1. With confirmation from the Land Registry Service this week that Stage 1 lot titles have been produced, we are excited to move forward with developing a construction timetable for Stages 3 and 4 of Edgewater Shores.

In parallel to the construction timetable, we are also reopening the Stage 4C “Seaside” wait list. At the time of publishing this article, there are two lots unallocated (90 and 99) and the opportunity to be second or third in line for other fantastic lots. Stage 4C consists of 12 level lots (88 to 99) which are all just a stone’s throw from Diamond Beach.  To see the current state of the wait list, visit our beach front land for sale page. 

Seaside Pre-Sale Registration

stage-4c-above-zoom-webWe anticipate construction commencing on Stage 4 later this year with titles being registered in the first half of 2020. The wait list process allows eager buyers to allocate a lot to their name prior to exchanging contracts, which we expect to occur around September 2019.

Seaside Pre-Sale Registration

Want more information on Edgewater Shores and to see how the development is really coming to life. Check out our lifestyle video or maybe catch the sunrise in front of Edgewater Shores.

Having trouble watching our video? You can also watch it on YouTube.

Our local sales team would be happy to provide more information about Edgewater Shores and the surrounding area. If you would like further information, please register here or call us on 1300 944 060 or text 0423 339 223.

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