Dune Regeneration Project

September 6, 2019| Edgewater Shores

Our Bushland Regeneration Team have been busy over the last few months working on the dune environmental conservation area on the boundary of Edgewater Shores and Diamond Beach. 

The regeneration project aims to remove weed species within the area and reduce, or mulch, dead timber to create suitable ground cover for native plant propagation. The team will also seek to reduce habitat for pests that burrow in the area, to make way for native animals such as wallabies (often seen on the dunes of Diamond Beach).

edgewater-shores-dune-enviromental-project-600-450Photo above: Bushland Regeneration Team: cleaning up the mid dune area

The Bushland Regeneration Team will continue to work over the summer months to target weeds and non-native plant species. Most of the work is being carried out by hand, except for the use of a small excavator to remove some of the larger debris.

edgewater-shores-dune-regeneration-project-600-450Photo above: Bushland Regeneration Team: working on top of the dune area

By the end of Summer, the team expects the area to be ready for planting thousands of native plant species. The overall maintenance program will run for 3 years to ensure the area is regenerated back to its native state. The native planting will also extend along the floating board walk which will be installed across the dune in October this year. The walkway will enable residents of Edgewater Shores to easily access Diamond Beach without damaging the dune conservation area.

edgewater-shores-dune-regeneration-beach-view-800-600Photo above: View of Diamond Beach from dune environmental conservation area at Edgewater Shores

The dune regeneration project forms part of Edgewater Shores' EnviroDevelopment Certification. Edgewater Shores is the first development in the NSW MidCoast area to achieve a 6-leaf standard from EnviroDevelopment, something we are very proud of.

We have recently released Stage 4C "Seaside" for sale. Seaside is the closest part of the development to the dune regeneration area. Register today or email us to find out more information.

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