Construction Update - March 2020

March 26, 2020| Edgewater Shores

We have finished!!!

The main construction works at Edgewater Shores are complete. You will still see us doing some landscaping on site to put the finishing touches to the project and also to ensure the plant and grass flourishes.  

We have taken a few aerial shots of Edgewater Shores below which show the site complete as of March 2020. You can also see the first four houses being constructed. The first houses should be complete before May 2020. We are expecting a few more new homes to start construction over the coming months.

The next steps for the development is to get the Stage 4 blocks registered with the Land Registry Service. We anticipate Stage 4 to be registered around June 2020.


Photo above: Edgewater Shores - Facing East

edgewater-shores-ne-march-2020-800-533Photo above: Edgewater Shores - Facing North East

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Photo above: Edgewater Shores - Facing South East


Photo above: Edgewater Shores - Facing West

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About Edgewater Shores

Want more information on Edgewater Shores and to see how the development is really coming to life. Check out our lifestyle video or maybe catch the sunrise in front of Edgewater Shores.

Our local sales team would be happy to provide more information about Edgewater Shores and the surrounding area. If you would like further information, please register here or call us on 1300 944 060 or text 0423 339 223.

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