Construction Progress March 2019

March 15, 2019| Edgewater Shores

We are nearing the home straight for construction works associated with Stages 1A to 2B. The electrical substation was delivered to site earlier this week. We have also made good use of the weather to do some advance works on Stages 3 & 4. 

We have scheduled our Open Day on 27 April 2019 to coincide with all the main civil and electrical works being complete.  It will be a great opportunity to see this fantastic site without the distraction of construction equipment and materials. We will make sure things are set up near our grand old fig tree which was officially handed back to the community this month.

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The advanced civil works for Stages 3 and 4 will be complete today which makes the seaside area of the site look great. The only remaining works are associated with the electrical and NBN installations as well as landscaping. We anticipate the electrical works will be complete in around 3 weeks subject to the weather remaining on our side. Once these works are complete we will put the final seal on the roads and take steps towards registering the lots.  Whilst we wait for the lots to be registered we will be landscaping the site. All the landscaping will be native species inline with our EnviroDevelopment 6-leaf accreditation.

The photo below was taken Tuesday 12 March 2019 looking south over Diamond Beach and Red Head. 

edgewater-shores-south-190312-650The photo below is looking north over Diamond Beach towards Saltwater Point in the distance. 

edgewater-shores-north-190312-650The photo below is taken directly above the site. It shows the road layout for Stage 4C - Seaside starting to take shape. The water retention basins are full following some recent rain.  We are keeping the basins full during the construction process to filter out sediment. Once fully operational though, the basins will be dry and only fill following a significant rain event.


The photo below is taken just above Diamond Beach and shows the site looking up the hill. The contractor is filling the area which will eventually be Seaside Place in Stage 4C.  We have had so much interest in these beachfront lots that we have had to put a wait list together. Only lots 89 and 99 remain without a holding deposit on them.  Be sure to contact us if you want to secure one of these lots closest to the beach.


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Our local sales team would be happy to provide more information about Edgewater Shores and the surrounding area. If you would like further information, please register here or call us on 1300 944 060 or text 0423 339 223.

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