Construction Progress Jan / Feb 2019

February 7, 2019| Edgewater Shores

With a well earned break over Christmas the team was back at work in January.

Construction is progressing according to program with all the kerbing complete last week. We have included a few photos below taken on 4 February 2019 that illustrate how Edgewater Shores is really starting to take shape. 

It won’t be long before we invite you all down to celebrate the completion of stages 1 & 2 on site.

The photo below is looking north and shows the main entrance of Edgewater Shores. The footpath is nearing completion in front of the large fig tree.

190204-edgewater-shores-diamond-beach-0wThe photo below shows the construction of Shores Crescent. In the distance along the boundary with Hallidays Point Public School are the southern lots of Edgewater Shores. The best of these lots will have uninterrupted views to the ocean from their rear balconies.  It is worth a visit to site to get a feel for each lot's aspect.

190204-edgewater-shores-diamond-beach-1wThe photo below is taken above lots 7, 8 and 9 which present easterly views across the pacific ocean.


The photo below shows Edgewater Shores from directly above. There was a lot of rain 3 days before this photo was taken. During construction the stormwater retention basins will remain full for a number of days to allow the sediment to settle before being drained.  Once the development is complete, the basins will remain dry and will only fill up during large rainfall events.  They are designed to attenuate water flows and filter out sediment before they drain into the stormwater system.

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190204-edgewater-shores-diamond-beach-4wThe photo below shows Edgewater Shores looking south. The second headland in the image is Black Head at Hallidays Point with the regional centres of Forster / Tuncurry in the distance.

190204-edgewater-shores-diamond-beach-3wThe image below shows the Diamond Beach village with Edgewater Shores towards the northern end of Diamond Beach Road.

190204-edgewater-shores-diamond-beach-6wOur local sales team at would be happy to provide more information about Edgewater Shores and the surrounding area. If you would like further information, please register here or call us on 1300 944 060.

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