Beach Access is Complete. Take a Look!

December 5, 2019| Edgewater Shores

The dedicated beach access walkway and viewing platform is complete. The walkway will give residents at Edgewater Shores direct access to Diamond Beach. There are a number of viewing decks built into the structure to allow people to sit at multiple levels and enjoy views across Diamond Beach. It will be a great place to watch the sunrise, dolphins playing or whales migrating. 

We took a time-lapse of sunrise last Wednesday. Watch it below. Imagine waking up to that every morning!!

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The main walkway and stair treads are all made from recycled plastic using Replas Enduroplank.  Replas Enduroplank is an Australian made recycled plastic decking that is manufactured in Melbourne.  The material is specifically designed for coastal areas where it will remain in prime condition for years to come.

edgewater-shores-walkway-800-533Photo above: The walkway heading west towards Edegewater Shores

The walkway meanders its way through an environmental conservation area that has been established to protect the beach dune fauna and flora. Edgewater Shores is currently engaged in 3 year restoration project for the area surrounding the beach access. 

edgewater-shores-beach-staircase-800-533Photo above: The top viewing deck with seating area 

edgewater-shores-beach-lower-deck-800-533Photo above: The lower deck and seating area 

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The boardwalk makes its way over the dune to the main viewing platform.  There are then a number of stairs to a secondary platform and then the beach.

edgewater-shores-beach-access-800-533Photo above: Staircase to Diamond Beach 

To access the beach walkway you currently need to go through the construction area for Stages 3 and 4 of Edgewater Shores. We are able to provide safe access to people wanting to inspect the beach access during the construction period. Please email us or call or text 0423 339 223 to make an appointment.

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About Edgewater Shores

Want more information on Edgewater Shores and to see how the development is really coming to life. Check out our lifestyle video or maybe catch the sunrise in front of Edgewater Shores.

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