Beach Front Land For Sale - Stage 4C Seaside

Stage 4C "Seaside" has been the most anticipated release at Edgewater Shores. The proximity to Diamond Beach, along with a direct beach access pathway, provides the ultimate address for people wanting to live next to the beach.

With the successful completion of the construction works for Stages 1 and 2 in early 2019 and the subsequent land title registrations of Stage 1 in July 2019, we have now set a date in September 2019 to commence the construction works for Stages 3 and 4. It is now time to go to market with our Seaside release which should be registered in mid 2020. 

If you are interested in Stage 4, please register your details and we will contact you with further details on how you can become the owner of one of these fabulous lots.

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Timing & Lot Availability 

The tables below provides further information on the estimated timing of our Seaside land release along with the lots available. Click on the "+" symbol to expand the lot availability table. 

Stage Construction Complete Title Registrations Status
Stage 4C - Seaside Early 2020 June 2020 Now Selling
Stage 4C – Seaside
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Lot Number Area (m2) Frontage (m) Status Enquire
Lot 88 852.8 26.83
Lot 89 559.2 17.73 Deposit Taken
Lot 90 550.5 15.53
Lot 91 1011.0 6 SOLD
Lot 92 788.2 7.06 SOLD
Lot 93 788.5 18.18 SOLD
Lot 94 909.6 21.28 SOLD
Lot 95 865.3 9.31 Deposit Taken
Lot 96 1016.0 4 SOLD
Lot 97 689.6 25.18 Deposit Taken
Lot 98 648.3 27.73 SOLD
Lot 99 685.3 25.53
lot: 88 | 
Size: 852.8m2
Frontage: 26.83m
lot: 89 | 
Size: 559.2m2
Frontage: 17.73m
Deposit Taken
lot: 90 | 
Size: 550.5m2
Frontage: 15.53m
lot: 91 | 
Size: 1011.0m2
Frontage: 6m
lot: 92 | 
Size: 788.2m2
Frontage: 7.06m
lot: 93 | 
Size: 788.5m2
Frontage: 18.18m
lot: 94 | 
Size: 909.6m2
Frontage: 21.28m
lot: 95 | 
Size: 865.3m2
Frontage: 9.31m
Deposit Taken
lot: 96 | 
Size: 1016.0m2
Frontage: 4m
lot: 97 | 
Size: 689.6m2
Frontage: 25.18m
Deposit Taken
lot: 98 | 
Size: 648.3m2
Frontage: 27.73m
lot: 99 | 
Size: 685.3m2
Frontage: 25.53m

The information above is for illustrative purposes only. To ensure all information is accurate and up to date, please contact us by email or phone 1300 944 060.

*Fully refundable holding deposit that secures your lot in accordance with our terms and conditions.